UMEZU CHIEKO 梅津 千恵子 (うめず ちえこ)





Born in Tokyo.

Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and completed a master’s course of the graduate school.

Won the 1st place of the 7th Japan wind and percussion instrument competition.



Started planning and performance of percussion concerts, and hosted performances of contemporary chamber music including Le Marteau sans maître“ composed by Pierre Boulez.


1997 - 1998

Studied Timpani at “Civica Scuola di Musica Claudio Abbado di Milano“ as an overseas dispatch trainee of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.


1989 - 2001

Served as a member of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra.


In the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, she attended the concert tours in Canada, North America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe, in addition, she as a soloist performed "Concerto for percussion and orchestra" composed by A. Jolivet, Symphony No. 2 Symphonic Dialogue [for solo percussion and orchestra] composed by A. Sallinen, Concerto for Marimba composed by D. Milhaud, and others with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, the Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra, the Geidai Philharmonia, and others under the conductors of Ken Takaseki, Yoshikazu Tanaka, Okko Kamu, Seiichi Mitsuishi, Koutaro Yamamoto, Shigenobu Yamaoka, and Yuuko Amanuma.


Moved to Milan, Italy.


Held a Percussion solo Concert named "Dal Giappone [From Japan]" [2 consecutive nights] at the Teatro Rosetum in Milan. Formed and started "Prisma Duo" [later "Due di Duo"] with a focus on keyboard percussion instruments. Performed solo, duo, and chamber music with Japanese drums mainly in Switzerland and North Italy including the Stresa Music Festival [Artistic director: Gianandrea Noseda], the Cecina Music Festival, and others.


2003 - 2004

Learned Xenakis's works staying in France (home of the Strasbourg percussion ensemble).


2003 - 2011

Played as a timpanist and percussionist of “La Verdi Milano Symphony Orchestra [Honorary Conductor: Riccardo Chailly]” for the Milan performances [Auditorium di Milano], concert tours in Japan, Europe, and Southern Italy, and also played as a member of the resident orchestra in the Spoleto Music Festival every summer.


2005 - 2012

Handled a culture school [rhythm classes for young children, percussion & marimba classes, and others] at Nippon-ya Milano in Milan. Handled planning and performance of Fior d’amore Charity Concert in Nippon-ya (in total 22 times), and promoted the Japan-Italy cultural exchange through the music.


Summer 2012

Performed NAMU - For Solo Timpani, Voice, and Percussion as the first performance in the Prof. David Searcy Memorial concert at Villa Simonetta [Civica Scuola di Musica di Milano] in Milan, as a dedication performance.


Returned to Japan, and founded the music laboratory <<Rhythm Museum>>.


Formed the soloists Ensemble Dramatica, and performed the Facade, the Story of soldier, and others in Roppingi Tokyo organized by herself.


2014 and 2016

Planned and held percussion concerts at Sumida Triphony Tokyo.



Performing chamber music in Sinfonietta Shizuoka, Japan and Trio MVP, and working on teaching and research at the Laboratory Rhythm Museum.


Commissioned works

[In water chain - for Gt. Fl. B.Trb. and Vib. Composer: Taro Iwashiro (1994)]

[Soaring - for Vln. and Timp. Composer: Masao Endo (1995)]

[Intexterior No.8 - for Gt. fl. Trb. Pf. and Perc. Composer: Tetsuji Emura (1997)]

[In the Night ... - for Vib. Composer: Masao Endo (1997)] 

[NAMU - For Solo Timpani, Voice, and Perc. Composer: Keiko Fujiie (2012)]


Learned under Shingo Yoshida, Makoto Aruga, David Searcy, and Jonathan Scurry.












2002年、テアトロ・ロゼーテュム(ミラノ市内)でパーカッションソロコンサート「Dal Giappone~(日本より)二夜連続」を開催。

 鍵盤打楽器を中心とした「プリズマ・デュオ」(のち「Due di Duo」)を結成。 パーカッションソロ・デュオ・室内楽では和太鼓も加え、北イタリア・スイスを中心に活動、ストレーザ音楽祭(ジャンアンドレア・ノゼダ音楽監督)、チェチナ音楽祭等にも出演。









2016年、2月『パーカッションメッセージvol.1 ~大地の響宴~ Chieko Umezu Produce』開始。


    11月『パーカッションメッセージvol.2 ~大地の響宴~ メキシコ公演帰国コンサート』

2017年、5月『パーカッションメッセージvol.3 ~大地の響宴~メキシコの響き 』

    7月『パーカッションメッセージvol.4 ~大地の響宴~ 音の世界旅行』

2018年、4月『パーカッションメッセージvol.5 ~大地の響宴~ 2ピアノ+2パーカッション 東欧・ロシアの響き』

    9月『パーカッションメッセージvol.6 ~大地の響宴~ SHINKA 生きるマリンバ』

 現在、「シンフォニエッタ静岡」「トリオ M V P」で室内楽、研究室リズムミュージアムでリズム音楽指導研究に携わっている。



[In water chain  for Gt. Fl. B.Trb. Vib. :岩代太郎(1994年)]

[ソアリング  for Vln. Timp. :遠藤雅夫(1995年)]

[インテックステラーNo.8 for Gt. fl. Trb. Pf. Perc. :江村哲二(1997年)]

[夜に ~for Vib.  :遠藤雅夫(1997年)]

[南無(NAMU)~Timp.ソロと声と打楽器のための :藤家渓子(2012年)]


吉田真吾、有賀誠門、David SearcyJonathan Scurry 各氏に師事。